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List of Current Directors by Seat

RRC is governed by a 15-member board – 13 members are appointed to represent specific stakeholder classes, and two members are non-voting, ex-officio directors representing the Regulatory Commission of Alaska and the Office of the Attorney General’s Regulatory Affairs and Public Advocacy Section. Voting directors are appointed by named entities or groups of entities that reflect the seat’s stakeholder class, with the exception of the Seat M Independent Member, who is elected by the other directors. Directors must be drawn from and able to represent the stakeholder class for which they have been appointed. Please visit this link for additional information about the RRC Board and stakeholder balance.

Director bios are listed below.

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SeatPrimaryAlternateStakeholder AffiliationTerm Expiration
Allan Rudeck Trish BakerProvider – Integrated – Cooperative2024
Daniel Heckman Chris Forrest Provider – Integrated – Cooperative2025
David Thomas Keriann Baker Provider – Integrated – Cooperative2023
Julie EsteyMatt ReistererProvider – Integrated – Cooperative2023
David Burlingame Rob Montgomery Provider – Distribution – Municipal2024
Lou Florence Shayne Coiley Provider – Distribution2025
Bryan Carey Bill Price Provider – State of Alaska2024
Sam Dennis Andrew McDonnellProvider Independent Power Producer2024
Joel GrovesMerrick JackinskyProvider Independent Power Producer2025
Veri di SuveroAlyssa Sappenfield Consumer – Residential-Small Commercial2024
Sunil KumarJim CoxonConsumer – Large Commercial-Industrial2023
Chris RoseGreg Stiegel Consumer – Environmental Advocacy2025
David NewmanBill Falsey Independent 2023
Robert PickettRobert DoyleRegulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA)No expiration
Jeff WallerJames Layne State Agency for Regulatory Affairs and
Public Advocacy (RAPA)
No expiration

RRC Primary Director Bios

Seat A Primary: Allan Rudeck

Mr. Rudeck is Director for Seat A, representing the provider stakeholder class, subclassified integrated/cooperative. He is a registered Professional Chemical Engineer (MN) serving as Chief Strategic Officer for Chugach Electric Association, where he provides leadership for the Association’s Government & Business Affairs, Key Accounts & Sustainability, Fuel & Power Supply, Strategic Planning and Business Development.

Seat A Alternate: Trish Baker, Manager of Government and Business Affairs and CEA

Seat B Primary: Daniel Heckman

Mr. Heckman is Director for Seat B, representing the provider stakeholder class, subclassified integrated/cooperative. He is Regulatory Manager at Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA), where he is responsible for providing regulatory and compliance oversight with accounting principles, federal and state laws, and industry standards. He is an experienced liaison with state and federal agencies and represents GVEA’s interests in legislation and state regulatory matters.

Seat B Alternate: Christopher Forrest, Acting Director of Power Supply at GVEA.

Seat C Primary: David B. Thomas

Mr. Thomas is Director for Seat C, representing the provider stakeholder class, subclassified integrated/cooperative. He is a registered Professional Civil Engineer (Alaska) serving as Director of Strategic Services for Homer Electric Association (HEA), with responsibility for strategic planning and implementation of new, utility-scale, renewable energy generation projects.

Seat C Alternate: Keriann Baker, Director of Member Relations at HEA.

Seat D Primary: Julie Estey

Ms. Estey is Director for Seat D, representing the provider stakeholder class, subclassified integrated/cooperative. She is the Director of External Affairs and Strategic Initiatives at Matanuska Electric Association (MEA), where she has worked for eight years. Ms. Estey oversees the Public and Member Relations Division; manages MEA’s strategic plan and carbon reduction goal; educates audiences on MEA’s interests identified with consumer input; and represents MEA’s interests before local, state, and national forums.

Seat D Alternate: Matt Reisterer, Chief Financial Officer at MEA

Seat E Primary: David Burlingame

Mr. Burlingame is Director for Seat E, representing the provider stakeholder class, subclassified distribution/municipal. He is a Principal at Electric Power Systems, Inc., a consulting firm that supports power distribution, transmission, and generation for utilities, large industrial users, and IPPs. Mr. Burlingame is a registered Professional Engineer in Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Oregon, Washington, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas.

Seat E Alternate: Rob Montgomery, Director of Seward Electric System.

Seat F Primary: Lou Florence

Mr. Florence is Director for Seat F, representing the provider stakeholder class, subclassified distribution. He is President and CEO of Doyon Utilities, LLC. Mr. Florence previously worked as Vice President of Operations for Reliability Management Group, where he provided assessments and implementation of O&M strategies and optimization of asset management plans for clients such as power generation, petroleum refining, natural gas storage and distribution, and electrical distribution companies.

Seat F Alternate: Shayne Coiley, Senior Vice President at Doyon Utilities.

Seat G Primary: Bryan Carey

Mr. Carey is Director for Seat G, representing the provider stakeholder class, subclassified state. He is Director of Owned Assets at the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA), where he has worked for over 20 years. During that time, Mr. Carey was the project manager for AEA’s Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project and Bradley Lake transmission assets, and project engineer for the Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project. Mr. Carey is an Alaska licensed Professional Civil Engineer.

Seat G Alternate: Bill Price, Senior Infrastructure Engineer at AEA.

Seat H Primary: Sam Dennis

Bio coming soon

Seat H Alternate: Andrew McDonnell, Co-Founder and Vice President of Alaska Renewables LLC

Seat I Primary: Joel Groves

Mr. Groves is Director for Seat I, representing the provider stakeholder class, subclassified independent power producer. He is Vice President and Senior Civil Engineer for Polarconsult Alaska, Inc. (Polarconsult) and is a member and project manager for Fishhook Renewable Energy. Mr. Groves is an Alaska-licensed Professional Civil engineer.

Seat I Alternate: Merrick Jackinsky, Director of Development at ORPC

Seat J Primary: Veri di Suvero

Mx. di Suvero is Director for Seat J, representing the consumer stakeholder class, subclassified residential/small commercial. Mx. di Suvero is the Executive Director of the Alaska Public Interest Research Group (AKPIRG), the only nonprofit, statewide consumer advocacy organization in Alaska, and leads AKPIRG’s ratepayer advocacy program.

Seat J Alternate: Alyssa Sappenfield, Energy Analyst at AKPIRG.

Seat K Primary: Sunil Kumar

Sunil Kumar is Director for Seat K, representing the Large Commercial – Industrial class.  He is with Fairbanks Gold Mining Inc/ Kinross Gold and involved with the corporation’s global energy portfolio covering conventional and renewable generation, transmission, end-use technologies, power purchase agreements, and energy efficiency. He previously  worked for an energy utility and in consulting engineering. Sunil is also a licensed Professional Engineer.

Seat K Alternate: Jim Coxon, Vice President, Operations – North America at Northern Star Resources Limited

Seat L Primary: Chris Rose

Mr. Rose is Director for Seat L, representing the consumer stakeholder class, subclassified environmental advocacy. He has been the Executive Director of the Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP) since he founded the organization in 2004.

Seat L Alternate: Greg Stiegel, Operations Director at REAP.

Seat M Primary: David Newman

Mr. Newman is Director for Seat M, an independent seat not affiliated with a stakeholder class. Mr. Newman has been Professor of Physics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks for nearly 24 years and is director of the university’s Center for Complex Systems Studies. Mr. Newman has spent nearly 30 years researching reliability and causes of failure in electric power transmission grids, among other research areas and has more than 40 publications to his credit on topics from vulnerability assessment and mitigation to the impact of regulation and markets on grid reliability.

Seat M Alternate: Bill Falsey, Senior Counsel at Huth Reynolds LLP.

Seat N Primary: Robert M. Pickett

Bio coming soon.

Seat N Alternate: Commissioner Robert Doyle.

Seat O Primary: Jeff Waller

Chief Assistant Attorney General Jeff Waller is Director for Seat O, a nonvoting, ex officio seat dedicated to the Alaska Attorney General’s Office Regulatory Affairs and Public Advocacy Section (RAPA). His work at RAPA includes advocating for the public interest in utility and pipeline matters that come before the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.

Seat O Alternate: James Layne, Public Advocate Utility Analyst in the Alaska Attorney General’s Office.

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