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Alaska mountains with power lines in the foreground.

A New Path Forward for Alaska’s Largest Electrical Grid

Man repairing power line up high on a power pole.

Our Mission 

Serve the public interest and provide the greatest long-term value to the Railbelt by working collaboratively and transparently to establish and uphold protocols that sustainably balance safety, reliability, cost, and environmental responsibility.

Public Matters

Batch 1 Reliability Standards Development

  • Classification Category: Standards
  • Status: Upcoming

This Technical Advisory Council Working Group will develop a batch of five Reliability Standards, including: AKBAL-003, AKBAL-004, AKBAL-005, AKBAL-006, and AKINT-001.

Public Comment and Complaint Resolution Rule (ER14)

ER14 provides a framework for impacted stakeholders and members of the public to submit comments and complaints to the RRC for consideration and due handling and a process through which the RRC will acknowledge and, where applicable, respond to public comments and complaints provided to the RRC.

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The Railbelt Reliability Council is soliciting Proposals to provide Professional Engineering Services related to the development of standards applicable for the Alaska Railbelt Bulk Electric System