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  1. ER12 Conduct Compliance Rule

    Organizational Documents

    This Conduct Compliance Rule, effective as of January 26, 2023, enforces the Ethical Conduct Rule (ER11), certain provisions of the Bylaws, certain provisions of the Voting Procedures Rule (ER10), and the Whistleblower Policy (P-02) (collectively “Conduct Policies”) when alleged violations of Conduct Policies are made, by providing a process for (1) filing a complaint alleging a potential violation of the Conduct Policies, (2) investigating alleged violations, and (3) issuing sanctions for violations.

  2. ER13 Equitable Allocation of Costs Rule

    Organizational Documents

    This Equitable Allocation of Costs Rule, effective as of January 26, 2023, states that costs for RRC activities will be allocated to load-serving entities load-serving entities by the RRC, based on net energy for load.